Our Mission

Our mission, simply stated, is to provide the most comprehensive, and complete array of services possible to the Chicago Yachting Community.

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Yacht 1 Chicago is dedicated to bringing the very best we have to offer in every phase of the yacht care and maintenance environment.

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We stand ready to accomplish all of your routine maintenance, as well as evaluate and repair any/all of your boat systems as needed.

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Welcome to Yacht 1 Chicago! We would like to take this opportunity to present our comprehensive yacht care and service entity, to the Chicago boating community.

For the past 10 Years, we have been the leader in a category that we helped create, and shape. We have excelled in providing professional, timely, organized and cost effective services to the discerning yacht owner in the Chicago area.

We specialize in providing hands on, pro-active approach to the care and maintenance of your boat. We are a single point, one call resource provider. We can mobilize a wide array of services to meet most any need.

Your search for dependable, quality service begins and ends here.

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