Management Services

Yacht 1 Chicago is dedicated to bringing the very best we have to offer in every phase of the yacht care and maintenance environment. Our management services exist in the pursuit of one ideal…maintaining and operating your boat at the very highest level of readiness at all times. We will inspect, and check every system aboard weekly, or at intervals commensurate with your needs.

This pro-active approach, instituted by Y1C from the beginning, represents our true value added proposition. This approach will help to ensure that your boat is ready on a consistent basis. Consistent monitoring of all systems allows us to detect any malfunction or defect BEFORE it spoils an outing.

We can tailor a program to suit any particular need or schedule. These programs are especially useful for busy professionals, who may not have the time or inclination to monitor each and every system aboard their vessel.

There is no better investment for those who desire a walk-on, turn-key, excursion ready boat at all times.

Yacht 1 Chicago Management Services:

  • Regularly scheduled service checks
  • Pre Trip/Post Trip services
  • Oversight/liaison services for any vendor activities
  • Fueling and/or delivery services
  • Captain Services
  • Custom dock set-up services
  • Coordination/delivery for storage
  • Coordination/oversight for offseason maintenance